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The Best Men’s Fashion Accounts On Instagram

Social media has transformed the world forever. The way we receive and interpret news and information will almost certainly never be the same again and it is incredible to watch the way things have shifted even in recent years. Instagram is no exception and as arguably the most powerful tool to promote products from a visual perspective it has altered the way in which we consume these products significantly. One of the best examples of this is in the fashion industry, where Instagram users are inundated with thousands upon thousands of various outfit choices to whet their appetite for their next shopping jaunt.

With this in mind, we have brought to you our five favourite Instagram accounts dedicated to men’s fashion. These are guaranteed to either inform or inspire you in one way or another and bring you some of the best men’s fashion posts out there today.

Top 5


The Instagram account of Phil Cohen is exactly what you’re looking for if you want some wardrobe inspiration. His page shows absolutely no pictures of the man himself, it is purely and exclusively about the fashion, which we will presume given that you are reading this that that is exactly what you’re looking for!


Quite possibly our favourite men’s fashion Instagram account out there, Men With Class feature posts to satisfy all of your formal-wear needs. Predominantly outfits such as suits, blazers and smart shirts, this page is certainly not geared towards your everyday clothing, but if getting suited and booted is your thing then so is Men With Class!


Steering away from formal wear for now, Jay Beez is a great page to follow if you’re more interested in casual streetwear than wearing smart clothes all of the time. His page has got plenty to keep you occupied and inspired and he gives some great tips and pointers along the way.


Another feed littered with class, Divaio’s Instagram is a joy to behold for any budding men’s fashion connoisseur.


Attanasio is an expert at making classic attire combine into modern outfits. He is the founder of ‘The Bespoke Dudes’ and has accumulated a significant and loyal following on social media to further build his already impressive reputation. Not to mention the fact he is from the centre of the fashion universe, Italy.

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